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 You’re not allowed to say negative things about yourself in my presence.

Anonymous  whispered: Kartoffel...


I wonder if this scene should be categorized as Gary challenges Kieren, or Simon challenges Kieren!




Those people are wrong. The hat is ridiculous.

And I’m so damn scared, 
Of dying without you, 
But I’ve come prepared
Resolved for my life to wear a funeral suit.

Just the two of us against the rest of the world

Real-life people played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Question tag… thing

I was tagged by @hazelality


1. Always post the rules.

2. Answer the questions the person who tagged you came up with and write 11 more.

3. Tag 11 people and link them to the post.

4. Actually tell them you tagged them.
5. Tell the person who tagged you you answered the questions.

Questions to Answer

1. What is your favourite kind of potato? the right kind
2. Hai: casual greeting, or thing in the sea? both, always both
3. How many languages do you speak? like at least 1 i would hope
4. How many countries have you been to? like at least 1 i think
5. If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go? funkytown
6. What’s your favourite animal? doge?
7. What’s your favourite colour? like blue is p solid yea
8. What’s your favourite salad dressing? like one without lactose in it because i’m intolerant. i like the honey-mustard thing or the classic oil/vinegar
9. Do you agree with the term “pineapple” or do you believe English should conform with every other language? tbh i think English should go with “Ananas” (sorry English language)
10. Poutine… Yes or no? in each case: no
11. Current obsession? you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  no but like idk maybe seARCHING FOR COOL TV SHOWS THAT I HAVEN’T WATCHED YET

Questions for people to answer

1. How many doge is too much doge - or is there no such thing?
2. What do you expect from the deep sea?
3. If modern birds had the size of ancient dinosaurs would that scare you or would you find it cool?
4. Is fish ayyyy or ehhhh?
5. Do you enjoy the thing you are doing right now - be it school, university or a job?
6. What is your opinion on cheese?
7. If you had to choose between eating a watermelon today or eating a watermelon tomorrow what would you choose?
8. Imagine how is touch the sky?
9. What is better: hoodies with zipper or hoodies without a zipper (well, normal hoodies so to say)?
10. Tell me one fun fact about your life rn:
11. Favourite book atm?

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It wasn’t my idea…

2014 San Diego Comic-Con Entertainment Weekly Portraits

He was my best friend and I’ll always believe in him.


The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - Official Teaser Trailer [x]